FECO at BAU 2017
FECO innovations in partition systems
In case you missed it - BAU is the world’s leading trade fair for architecture, materials and systems. Practical solutions and innovations are exhibited at the fair every two years, with an array of new and existing projects for commercial and interior design.

Our partners FECO presented their future-orientated office concept, made up of five room zones specifically created for successful working environments. These included areas for concentration, communication, team working, inspiration and meeting.

FECO had several new ideas they presented, including FECOphon S40, a highly effective material-lined sound absorber used in conjunction with the FECOplan all-glass system. Redesign of their FECOfix glass door which can now achieve a 42 dB rating, this door can be used in all FECO systems. Other innovations included triple glazed EI30 fire protection system, and timber veneer finish to the FECOstruct system.

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