The design lab is a small unit within Vosseler tasked with exploring the creative use of new designs and technologies within the partition industry.


It can be used by clients, architects & designers, project managers & quantity surveyors, main contractors and other sub-contractors. In fact anyone with an interest in interior fit out.


We intend it to be used in one of two ways.


Firstly we’ll put up posts, discussion topics, designs drawings, test results and the like for ideas that we are working on. We’ll invite comment, collaboration and input from you to interact with a view to making our products and services better for you.


In the second instance we’ll invite you to suggest topics for discussion and investigation, or introduce specific issues or problems you might have with a particular project. You’ll be able to do this either in an open forum so that everyone who has access to the design lab can contribute, or discretely in a separate area which will remain private for on-line meetings, document and information exchange.


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