In line with our vision to be a leading partitioning manufacturer and partitioning contractor, Vosseler uses working methods, systems and materials which have a minimum detrimental impact on the environment. In promoting the use of re-locatable office partition systems Vosseler UK is contributing positively to conserving resources and recycling.

We continually assess the environmental impact of our operations. Our aim is to reduce the use of materials and resources in manufacture and installation wherever possible. In addition, we positively encourage our clients to re-use our systems once installed by dismantling and re-locating rather than using new.

We see compliance with relevant environmental legislation, regulations and codes of practice as a minimum requirement.

Vosseler’s environment policy includes raising awareness among employees, suppliers and sub-contractors on environmental matters. We also provide training and encourage discussion of environmental matters with particular reference to our own environmental management systems.

Specifically we will:

  • Assist customers to select and use our systems in an environmentally sensitive way
  • Reduce pollution emissions and waste
  • Reduce the use of energy, raw materials and supplies
  • Reduce waste in packaging
  • Ensure the safe and sensitive disposal of unavoidable waste
  • Expect similar environmental standards from suppliers and sub-contractors
  • Encourage participation in environmental issues

See our Environmental policy statement here