Using FECO systems in Jersey
FECO systems
We are delighted to announce that we have recently secured a new project for a large international bank in Jersey. We worked on the design with RFK architects to use the FECOplan & FECOwand partition systems. The FECOplan demountable system is a frameless glass system with slender aluminum profiles; it can accept glass up to 16.8mm which can achieve an acoustic rating up to Rw 42dB in a single glazed system. It can also utilize integrated aluminum technical panels for electrical installations and individual room signage. FECOwand is a fully demountable solid panel system which can achieve an acoustic rating of Rw 52dB and comes with a wide range of panel types and finishes.

On this project we will be using american black walnut veneered doors in aluminum system frames with american black walnut veneered panels to the FECOwand systems in feature areas. There will also be single and double glazed doors from the FECO range.

If you have a new office project that requires stylish and practical office partition systems take a look around our website for ideas of how to use these and other systems from our range. Even if you can’t see exactly what you think you need please get in touch and consult us. Our experts enjoy sharing their knowledge and will help you achieve your ambitions for your office project.