Evolution of Vosseler Lite
Vosseler Lite our frameless system has evolved over many years, one of the early projects was for IBM in Nottingham. Working with the architects Auckett Associates in 1982-83 a modern design was developed to create a light and airy environment in areas of the office. This early version of Vosseler Lite was developed from EVF glazed system which was used for the other cellular offices on the project.

We now offer single glazed and double glazed Vosseler Lite partition systems with minimal perimeter framework and a range of glass types available jointed with gaskets, aluminium trims or PETG clear joint strips. There are options for high level glazing, wall hanging, with solid, glazed and sliding doors in all the systems. Click here Vosseler Lite for more information.

We still enjoy working with clients, architects and designers to develop and adapt our systems to meet new aesthetic and functional requirements. As this project from the 80’s illustrates what we can do is not limited to the current options and details you see on our website. We can create something new and bespoke and fitting for your individual project.

So why don’t you consult us and use our expertise to develop some new ideas and designs for your office interiors.