On-site 2 phases, 9 weeks & 5 weeks out-of-hours

Client Requirement: 
The client is a major international bank with offices in the city. One of their buildings is right next to one of the main Crossrail construction sites. The noise from the construction works was disturbing the occupants of the offices and meeting rooms, making some unusable when particularly noisy work was being done. The client needed a quick, cost-effective solution that would reduce the noise from outside and allow him to continue to use these offices and meeting rooms at any time.
Ease of Installation
Time / 2-8 weeks
Project Team:
Client: UBS Project manager: In-house CREAS Main contractor: Navarre Interiors

We worked to design a secondary double glazing solution that would be fitted to all external windows across four floors and to include rotunda areas. Each floor needed to be completed in its entirety so as to prevent flanking transmission in the open office areas. A detailed survey was required as each window was manufactured to fit to its specific location, but we also built in tolerance so that the units could be fitted quickly. We programmed the works to be done out of hours at weekends so that the occupants of the offices were not disturbed and each area was complete and ready for work again each Monday morning.

Independent testing has shown the installation of the double glazing has achieved a reduction of 14dB.  As 10dB difference is perceived by the ear as a doubling or halving of noise levels, this level of reduction has had a large impact on the occupants of the office.
This installation was all achieved out of hours, therefore having no impact on normal operations of the client.
We won this project because we offered better value and had a shorter lead-in time than the alternatives available to the client.

Systems used in this case study

  • Simple, does not require pre-fabrication
  • Minimal components
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Cost effective solutions


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